The 12 Best Campgrounds in Jersey City, NJ

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Campgrounds in and around Jersey City

Dorothy, NJ

Spacious Skies - Country Oaks

Nestled in the tranquil countryside of Weymouth, New Jersey, Spacious Skies Country Oaks is a charming retreat that offers an idyllic blend of peaceful relaxation and outdoor adventure. This delightful campground is set against a backdrop of sprawling oaks and picturesque landscapes, providing a serene escape for families, friends, and solo travelers alike. At Spacious Skies Country Oaks, guests are invited to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of a thoughtfully designed camping experience.As you arrive at Spacious Skies Country Oaks, you're greeted by the lush, green scenery and the gentle rustle of oak leaves in the breeze. The campground offers a range of accommodation options to suit every type of camper, from spacious RV sites with full hookups to secluded tent sites nestled among the trees. For those seeking a bit more comfort, the cozy cabins offer a quaint and comfortable haven, equipped with modern amenities and surrounded by nature's tranquility.The great outdoors beckons at Spacious Skies Country Oaks, where a wealth of activities awaits. Explore the numerous hiking and biking trails that meander through the surrounding countryside, offering both leisurely walks and more challenging treks. The nearby lakes and rivers provide the perfect setting for fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, allowing guests to enjoy the water at their own pace.But the allure of Spacious Skies Country Oaks isn't just in its outdoor activities. The campground is a vibrant community where guests can enjoy shared amenities and organized events. Take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool, engage in friendly competition at the sports courts, or participate in the campground's scheduled activities, which range from movie nights under the stars to themed weekends filled with fun and entertainment.Every aspect of Spacious Skies Country Oaks is designed to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Modern facilities, including clean restrooms, hot showers, and a well-equipped camp store, cater to all your needs, making it easy to settle in and relax. The friendly staff are always on hand to provide a warm welcome and assist with any requests, ensuring that every guest's experience is memorable.Spacious Skies Country Oaks in Weymouth, NJ, is more than just a campground; it's a destination where the beauty of the New Jersey countryside meets the joy of camping. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat to unwind and connect with nature, an adventurous getaway filled with activities, or a place to make lasting memories with loved ones, this enchanting campground offers something for everyone. Discover the charm and serenity of Spacious Skies Country Oaks, and experience the perfect blend of outdoor adventure and cozy comfort.

Austerlitz, NY

Spacious Skies - Woodland Hills

Tucked away in the rolling hills of New York, Spacious Skies Woodland Hills is a haven for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature. This idyllic campground, set amidst the natural beauty of the New York countryside, offers a unique blend of outdoor adventure and serene relaxation, making it the perfect getaway for families, couples, and solo explorers alike.Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by a landscape dotted with lush forests, vibrant meadows, and panoramic views of the surrounding hills. Spacious Skies Woodland Hills provides a variety of camping experiences to suit every preference, from rustic tent sites nestled among the trees to deluxe RV spots with all the modern amenities, as well as charming cabins that offer a cozy retreat from the elements.The great outdoors beckons with endless activities right at your doorstep. Hike along scenic trails that weave through the forest, offering both gentle walks and challenging treks with rewarding vistas. Biking enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the countryside on two wheels, with routes ranging from leisurely rides to more demanding paths. The area's natural beauty is also a perfect backdrop for photography, bird watching, and simply soaking in the peaceful atmosphere.For water lovers, nearby lakes and rivers provide opportunities for swimming, canoeing, and fishing, where you can spend a leisurely day on the water or catch a glimpse of local wildlife. The campground itself boasts a range of recreational facilities, including playgrounds for children, sports courts, and open spaces for picnics and group activities.As night falls, gather around a crackling campfire under a canopy of stars. Share stories, roast marshmallows, and enjoy the company of fellow campers, creating lasting memories in this picturesque setting. Spacious Skies Woodland Hills is committed to providing a comfortable and welcoming environment, with clean, well-maintained facilities, including bathhouses, laundry rooms, and a camp store stocked with necessities and local delicacies.Spacious Skies Woodland Hills is not just a destination; it's an experience that reconnects you with nature and offers a refreshing break from everyday life. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or a chance to reconnect with loved ones, this enchanting campground in New York promises an escape that rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul. Discover the beauty, serenity, and adventure of Spacious Skies Woodland Hills on your next getaway.

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