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Campgrounds in and around Berlin


Caret, VA

Sleigh Hill Farm Glamping by Tentrr

Official Tentrr site. Tentrr is a trusted partner of BookOutdoors.Secluded camping on a 100+ acre farm on a lake and next to a winery; FREE wine tastings for all campers and 10% off all purchases. No need to worry about drinking and driving. Fishing, hiking, playing in the pond, wine tasting, seeing wild game and relaxation in a very secluded lakeside environment. Hunters (winter months only) can book days to hunt my farm directly through myself. Hiking trails and fishing pond (free) on the bears in this area of VA, so you are safe. If you come in Nov-Mar when it snows, we have heaters and a 300 meter sleigh hill (bring your own sled). Only two miles from 17 South Family Restaurant for a great dining experience (also 10% off). 10 minutes from Tappahannock, Virginia if you require additional supplies, dining options or golf. Two hours south of Washington DC, 45 minutes south of historic Fredericksburg, one hour NE of Richmond, two hours North of VA Beach. If you are into seclusion, water, nature AND wine.....this is the place for you! Please view the section called "EXTRAS" while reserving to acquire detail for wood purchase, ATV tours, propane heater, floating pier rental (daily charge), free range eggs, etc....bring your OWN bedding or sleeping bags. We choose to have a LOW price and offer "EXTRAS" as many folks bring their own extras. This is primitive camping but in what I call a luxury tent / with a queen bed (no bugs no rain no critters). We do not provide linen/pillows, so bring your own. There is also a solar pack for lights and phone charging. Lastly, we are beside a GSM cell tower, so the cell signal is fast and STRONG if you need to work or make calls. NOTE: the vehicle parking site is NOT beside the tent; it is about 150 feet away, so there is a small walk to haul your gear in. We have a camp toilet and "poo bags" and a camp sun shower you hang from a tree. We also have a water point beside my barn. Hollie and I live 400 meters away and spend time at the sites when they are not rented (we love them too). We are thinking of expanding so as you hike our trails, please let us know where the "next sites" should be. Enjoy the country. We love sharing our farm and meeting good people. LOVE IT!

Pomfret, MD

Barbara's Serenity by Tentrr

Official Tentrr site. Tentrr is a trusted partner of BookOutdoors.Escape the chaos of everyday life and discover true relaxation at our hidden gem glamping site! The Indian Rail Trail, Charles County's most exciting recreational trail, is just a 7-minute drive from your tent! This paved, 13-mile-long, ten-foot-wide path is a great excursion for bikers of all ages and connects the small town of Indian Head on the Potomac River to White Plains. The fairly level trail takes riders through mature forests, natural wetlands, and some farmland. During your stay, you can also take a 10-minute walk through the forest on our property to visit a serene creek.Your Signature campsite sleeps up to 6-10 campers. The basic booking will accommodate 10 campers with 2 sleeping on the Queen Bed in the platform safari tent and up to 4 additional campers each in the two included pop-up tents. The site also comes with a picnic table, fire pit, and Adirondack chairs where you can kick back and take in the stars at night. Other extras you can add to your booking for added comfort include a twin sized air mattress and a solar generator that can power up to 8 devices. History buffs can explore the nearby Thomas Stone Historic Site (6 miles). Atlantic Kayak Company is a 20-minute drive from the site; they offer kayak rentals and guided expeditions. For families, Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a fun activity less than a 10-minute drive from the campsite.There is a Walmart about 10 minutes away if you need any supplies and local produce can be procured on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the La Plata Farmer's Market (12 min drive) between April and November.The Road To Serenity:Our road is a quaint old country farm road made of grass and a few gravel patches here and there. It is a bit of a bumpy ride so take it slow and easy as you make your way to our hidden gate-away. There is one sharp left turn over a culvert and some dips and mild inclines so low sitting vehicles should definitely take it slow. The Road narrows as you get closer to the site but there are reflectors along the way to keep you on the right path. We highly recommend getting there before dark.Parking:Parking is on the grass meadow between the entrance to the meadow and the walking path to the campsite. Reflectors are in place to outline the parking area. Avoid Driving beyond the parking area and down steep inclines in the meadow as softer ground presents a risk for getting stuck. Two gorilla wagons are available in the parking area to help transport your things to the campsite.Toilet and Shower Set-up:There is a privacy tent that contains a toilet seat over a bucket. You put a bag with absorbent materials in the bucket to do your biological business. There is a foot pumped sink for handwashing. There is a portable automatic shower that provides hot water available as well the solar shower bag.Tents: Two small 6 person tents come free with the reservation. You may add Pre-Set-Up glamping amenities including a twin air mattress, bedding, side table and lighting, propane heater, icybreeze air conditioner and rugs to these tents for an additional fee of $50/Tent. Pets: Fur Babies (Dog or Cat) Campers must be added as an amenity for an additional fee of $ 20.00. Contact Campkeeper to add pet camping as an extra. For the safety of your pets, ensure that they are treated for ticks prior to camping. Be sure to check for Ticks prior to bringing pets into the tent.Noises and Sounds: This property is located in a small community and campers will occasionally experience common city noises such as airplanes flying overhead or distant traffic sounds from motorcycles and trucks. Navigation: Waze takes you directly to the campsite. Other GPS systems may take you to the main road. Additional navigation and instructions will be provided upon making a reservation.

Catlett, VA

Seven Oaks Lavender Farm Camp by Tentrr

Official Tentrr site. Tentrr is a trusted partner of BookOutdoors.We were profiled in a January 2022 Travel and Leisure article! Come join us at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm in Northern Virginia, an hour outside the DC metro area. Take in the sweet smells of lavender drifting on the breeze, and kick back to enjoy your rural retreat. Many farm-made lavender products are available for sale in our shop, as well as cutting fresh lavender yourself in season. If you'd like to enter to lavender field during the season: June 2nd through July 16th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends, you must pay $7 for adults and $5 for children at the farm shop. With this fee you each get to pick 20 stems of lavender. Outside the season (after July) there will be other flowers to cut in the fall with no entrance fee.LOCATION: We are in horse country of the Piedmont area of Virginia. Fauquier County is full of Virginia Byway drives, open vistas and farms. You will be camping on a historic farm property with a farmhouse built in 1860. Read the Farm History on our website: Please know this is a farm stay. We are not a secluded spot. You will hear some road sounds from the country road in front of the farm. Moderate during the day and more between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Usually quiets down pretty good around 8 p.m. ELECTRICITY: There are no outlets or electricity available.THE NECESSARY: The loo is a solid wood box and seat that employs NASA tech bags. It has its own little zip up privacy tent.SUNNY SPOT: Since the farm tent is in an open field it is a sunny spot. We have provided a sturdy canvas umbrella that will offer you some deep shade for sitting in the Adirondack chairs or at the picnic table. If there is a storm expected please close the umbrella and store it under the base of the tent.SHOWER? Solar powered to be warmish. This bladder bag will be full of water and can be refilled as needed so that you can do some light clean up. Both the loo and the shower will be behind a privacy fence. SLEEPING SITCH: OK, here's the deal. There is a queen bed in the large canvas tent. There will be four bed pillows on the bed. You will need to bring all the linens and blankets. You can order one sheet set and blanket in the amenities if you don't want to bring your own. In addition to the queen bed there is room for three sleeping bags as well (tight fit for 3). Bring towels if you will be using the solar powered shower. There is a pop-up tent that sleeps up to 4 people. You'll be responsible for putting it up and taking it down. FIREPIT: This firepit is an enclosed mesh type to suppress changes of potential fires. You can bring wood yourself if you like. Or purchase it from us. You can also bring charcoal as it is a 2 in 1.PETS: We do allow pets. Please limit the number of animals you bring to two and make sure they are limited to the tent site area unless you are walking them on a leash. Dogs are only allowed in the lavender field on Mondays from 9 a.m. to noon during the Lavender Season (see details). You may walk them anywhere on the property after hours though, but still leashed.WEATHER: Virginia in summer is known for impromptu thunderstorms. Being in the country it usually is cooler than the city and the temps do drop quite a bit at night out in the field, but sometimes it's just going to be warm. We do provide a small fan. The thunderstorms come and go, and the tent stays dry but if there's a lightning storm it's best to wait that out in your safe vehicle rather than being the tallest thing in the field built of metal poles.For months when it is chilly or downright cold, we do provide a propane heater that will keep you toasty all night. But we also recommend you bring along some snuggly blankets or sleeping bags, especially if you are going to be using the additional pop-up tent.BUGS: There is usually a low level of mosquitos. Ticks however are a bit more plentiful. Luckily, they are 99% dog ticks which do not carry Lyme's. If you bring along a dog, you are more likely to have more ticks brought back to the campsite. So, plan ahead with some bug spray. LAVENDER SEASON: Season 2023 will stretch from June 2nd through July 16th. Field hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends. Entrance fee during this time is $7 for adults and $5 for children. With this fee you get to each pick 20 stems of lavender.SHOP: Pre and post Lavender Season, after late July, The Lavender Shop will be open almost all weekends from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. If you'd like to shop during the week, call Deb at 540-272-7839 to make an appointment.

Wrightsville, PA

Down by the Riverside by Tentrr

Official Tentrr site. Tentrr is a trusted partner of BookOutdoors.Down by the riverside . . .York County? You're in it.Lancaster County? You're looking at it.Connecting the two counties is the iconic Columbia-Wrightsville bridge, the most photographed structure in the area. Whether you're shooting from a smartphone or a Hasselblad, you'll find the everchanging interplay of light, shadow, and color on the bridge and the river exhilarating and challenging. Add the plant-covered, cut-stone piers remaining from the wooden bridge burned down by the Union to halt the Confederate advance during the Civil War, and you've got unending visual drama daring you to freeze and frame the moment.Separating the counties is the longest river in the eastern United States, the mighty Susquehanna: 400 miles long, sometimes dangerous, sometimes peaceful, always changing. Days on the river are like the people on its banks: no two are alike.Whether you choose hiking, biking, birding, kayaking, fishing, swimming, wading, or just chillaxing on a lounge chair watching the river flow, you'll never quite get your fill here. There's so much going on.The Susquehanna River is a world class smallmouth bass fishery. You can catch small channel cats and flatheads all day long just sitting on the bank. Looking for that pole-buster? Pretty much every local fisherman has a stretcher about a 40 lb behemoth they caught at night. They're all pretty tight-lipped about locations, so you're on your own finding that sewer pipe. There's a seasonal kayak rental almost directly across the river at the Columbia River Park with a concrete public launch for larger boats. Near the campsite, there's public launch for smaller craft adjacent to the John Wright restaurant. You can launch your kayaks or canoes at your campsite.Bald eagles, osprey, wading birds, waterfowl, and innumerable songbirds: they're all here. Were on the Atlantic Flyway. Bring your Peterson Field Guide and your scope or binoculars. Add squirrels, deer, turtles, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, possum, weasels and who knows what else.There's an excellent restaurant, the John Wright Restaurant, walking distance. Their special events sell out months in advance, so plan ahead. Also within walking distance is Burning Bridge Tavern with simpler fare and live music nightly. We've got three breweries in close proximity: Hell In A Bucket Brewing on our side of the river, also providing live music, and Starview Brews and Columbia Kettle Works across the bridge.Day-trippers can visit Amish country in Lancaster County. Gettysburg is an hour away. Spooky Nook: 18 minutes.We've got room to sleep 8 in our tents. Bring additional tents and the site can accommodate up to 12.You're exhausted, the day is ending, and its time to unwind. We've provided firewood, a couple stoves, great seating arrangements, and amazing night views. So pop a top, pull a cork, or get out the smores for the kids. Tonight you'll go to sleep in a plush, comfortable bed with a live-edge headboard, clean linens, and the sights and sounds of the river filling up your senses. What are you going to do tomorrow? Maybe do a little less? You brought a book, right?

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