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Woodland Park, CO

Woodland RV Park

Woodland Park, CO

Woodland RV Park

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We are open year-round however our office is closed during the winter months of October 8 through April 30th. We are a clean and well-maintained RV park. We are in walking distance to shopping and restaurants plus only 10 minutes away from Charis Bible College.

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RV Sites

Wonderful views of Pikes Peak in a forest-like setting.

Enjoy the shade of the pine trees.  

We have paved roads and graveled sites.

All sites have water and sewer hookups. All sites have electric service with most having 20/30/50 amp available. Minimum stay of 7 nights from May - August 30th.

Minimum 3 nights September - April 30th.

Site Specific Amenities


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About Woodland RV Park

We are open year-round however our office is closed during the winter months of October 8 through April 30th. We are a clean and well-maintained RV park. We are in walking distance to shopping and restaurants plus only 10 minutes away from Charis Bible College.

Where You'll Be


1301 E US Highway 24, Woodland Park, CO 80863


Things to do on or nearby the property

  • Canoeing / Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Golfing
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Offroad Vehicle Access
  • Paddleboard
  • Walking Trails
  • Wildlife Watching
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Park Policy


Rules & Regulations

R1.0 Do not walk through or park vehicles in other sites whether they are occupied or not.

R1.1 No pedestrian walking on the access road. 



R2.1 Bicyclists must adhere to the posted speed limit of 5MPH.

R3.0 Quiet Hours: 10:00PM until 7:00AM. Please be considerate of your neighbors - No slamming your doors, No loud talking, music, TV etc. during these hours. Strictly Enforced.

R3.1 Children: Must have proper supervision at all times and must restrict play within the confines of their own site/residence. 

R4.0 Vehicles: Only one vehicle plus one RV ( acceptable RV's include: Class A, Class B, Class C, 5th wheel, travel trailer, bumper pull, park model or tiny house) per residence site - 

(additional vehicles (not including RV's) need management approval - loud vehicles will NOT be tolerated). All RV's must be self- contained and RV/RVIA Certified.  Utility trailers, boats, four wheelers or side-by-sides on trailers are NOT allowed on the site EVER.  

R4.0.1 Compost or Macerating toilets are NOT allowed

R4.0.2 Wood burning stove/fireplace are NOT allowed

R4.1 Current RV Registration and Current RV Insurance are Required at all times.

R4.2 Park on your site only and not in other sites

R4.3 No Parking on the grass

R4.4 No Parking in empty sites

R4.5 No Parking in the street.  All vehicles parked in sites must allow 24" from bumper to edge of roadway

R4.6 NO VEHICLE MAINTENANCE IN RESIDENT SITE OR ON WOODLAND RV PARK PROPERTY (including body work/oil changes, etc.) check with management for questions and approval.  

G4.7 Things you can do with your vehicle(s): detail vehicle(s), change your flat tire, professional windshield replacement, change out a battery (do NOT dispose in Woodland RV Park dumpsters), change out air filter (RV air filters cannot go in Woodland RV Park dumpsters), headlight/taillight bulb replacement, professional RV technicians are permitted to come into the park to perform maintenance/repairs on RV's) - always ask if you don't see it on the list  If you are unsure, always check with management first.


R4.9 Do NOT park in "paid" storage area without approval from management

R4.10 Guests - guest registration is required for all overnight stays - please notify management ahead (one (1) week prior to their arrival) of time so you can register your guest(s) via the emailed form. If you do not have the form, let management know and one will be emailed to you.  

G4.11 If parked in unauthorized areas, a $50 parking fine will be charged per occurrence 

R4.12  Extra Vehicles - not permitted to be parked at your site and parked in over-flow parking (rocky corral) will be charged $60/month per vehicle (no RV vehicles, no trailers, no ATVs, no motorcycles, no campers, non-running vehicles and no vehicles 'For Sale', etc.). Storage for approved vehicle(s) owned by Woodland RV Park resident(s) ONLY.

R4.13  Utility trailers or boats on trailers are NOT allowed to be parked in sites EVER

R4.14  ATV's/Side-by-sides are not allowed on Woodland RV Park's roads 

R4.15 Golf Carts: Only Woodland RV Park, LLC owned equipment

R5.0 Marijuana: Regardless whether the use/smoking of Marijuana products is legal, the smoking, from outside the tenant's site/residence, of marijuana or marijuana derived products is strictly forbidden, regardless of whether Tenant or any occupants have a prescription for medical marijuana.  

R5.1 Odors of marijuana use escaping the confines of the tenant's site/residence will not be tolerated.  

R5.2 Any violation of the terms of this paragraph or if tenant is cultivating or distributing marijuana product(s), subject the Tenant(s) to immediate eviction. 

R6.0 Pets/Dogs (no farm animals): Pets/Dogs are welcome at the discretion of Park Management: however, Their Owners Must Be Well Trained. Responsible owners will obey these rules:  

R6.1 Current Vaccination records are required on all pet(s)/dog(s) showing vaccination information along with weight and breed.  

R6.2 Aggressive breeds or Barking dogs will NOT Be Tolerated

R6.3 A maximum of two (2) dogs per site at any given time (even if you have guests, there can only be a maximum of 2 non-aggressive dogs at your site with a maximum weight of 30lbs or less per dog; fully grown)

R6.4 No pet(s)/dog(s) will be permitted without management approval.  

Woodland RV Park is a private property. ONLY resident's dogs are permitted on Woodland RV Park's private property.

R6.5 All pets/dog(s) will be kept on a leash no more than 6 feet in length at all times when outside on Woodland RV Park property.

R6.6 All pet(s)/dog(s) will be kept inside at night and while tenant is away from their site.

R6.7 All pet(s)/dog(s) will be kept quiet at all times.

R6.8 A pet(s)/dog(s) cannot be placed in a kennel or fenced area outside of the tenant's site/residence.  

R6.9 A pet(s)/dog(s) cannot be staked and tethered outside of the tenant's site/residence. When outside, dogs must be leashed, accompanied and supervised by the owner or the handler. A dog can be left alone outside on a gate secured deck just as long as the dog is quiet or NOT creating a barking nuisance.

R6.10 Have your pet(s)/dog(s) go potty up on the dog walking trail.  

R6.11 All pet/dogs are NOT allowed in the picnic area

R6.12 Do NOT have your pet(s)/dog(s) potty in other sites, landscaped areas or picnic area

R6.13 IT'S THE LAW TO PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET(S)/DOG(S) - dispose of dog waste in the dumpster and NOT at your site or in a trash can at your site.

R6.14  Do NOT leave your doggie waste bags outside, on the ground, or in a container outside on your site.

R6.15 Do NOT leave dogs unattended in a car on Woodland RV Park property.

R7.0 Sheds are NOT acceptable, however, a storage cabinet or storage bench, e.g. Suncast, is as long as it is no more than approximately 42 cubic feet. One (1) storage cabinet may be supplemented with up to two (2) storage benches.  


R9.0 NO CAMP FIRES PERMITTED OF ANY KIND AT ANY TIME - propane gas fire pit is permitted.  


R10.0 Guns: No open-carry on Woodland RV Park Property unless you are a state, county, city law enforcement official. 

R11.0 Site/Residence Maintenance: Must keep your site/residence litter free, including cigarette butts, trash, dog waste bags, etc.  

R11.1  Bag and securely tie all garbage and place in the dumpsters.  

R11.2  Do Not place/store appliances, home furnishings, tires, car batteries, mechanical/body parts of any kind outside of your residence.  

R11.3  No tents or canopies are permitted. No tarps or plastic over RV roofs, only in an emergency situation, for a very limited time, with management approval. 

R11.4  No modifications are to be made to sites/residence without first obtaining management approval.  

R11.5  Grilling:  Propane Gas grills are allowed. Charcoal grilling is ONLY permitted when there is NO active FIRE BAN in place.  Do NOT throw charcoal ashes on the ground anywhere on Woodland RV Park property.  

G11.6  A tenant's site/residence RV awnings/Patio umbrellas are allowed but be cautious of high wind gusts.  

R11.7 Do NOT hang towels, blankets, rugs, etc on Woodland RV Park fencing, trees, etc. Holiday decorations may be placed on fencing upon management approval.

R11.8 Internet Setup - when having your internet antenna situated, it must be located on your site only. No sharing of poles or internet cables crisscrossing across/between/behind RV sites. Internet has to be wireless from the provider to the receiver.

R11.9 Pools, hot tubs, etc. are NOT allowed on Woodland RV Park property.

R12.0 Snow Removal: Woodland RV Park uses a professional service for clearing off the streets in the park. It is the responsibility of the tenant/resident to clear snow from their site/unit.   

G12.1 When removing snow from your site, Woodland RV Park, does NOT recommend use of a snow blower as the sites are graveled and do not want the possibility of rocks thrown at other RV sites. This is for the safety of our residents and property. Woodland RV Park suggest in using a shovel only and to NOT throw snow into the street 

R12.2 No skiing, No roller blading, No skating, No skateboarding on Woodland RV Park roadways and/or within the boundaries of Woodland RV Park property.  

R13.0  No hay-bales for skirting and/or insulating underneath your RV and contact Management before any skirting is done.

R13.1 Skirting must be applied in an aesthetic styling, no hodge podge style skirting is permitted. If unsure, contact management before you start.

R14.0  Compost or Incinerating toilets are NOT allowed.


R15.0  Water Connection for RV

R15.1 Before arriving, put some water in your water tank. We will have our maintenance man hook up/disconnect your water hose.  

R15.2 A shut-off valve is REQUIRED and needs to be installed at the RV end of your freshwater hose eliminating any need to get into your water box.  

R15.3 Anyone, other than Woodland RV Park, LLC Management or Maintenance, who disturbs (take off plastic, take any insulation out, unhook/hook water hose, etc) their water box will have a $150 fine applied to their monthly rent statement. 

R15.4 If the water line is broken in your water box, due to your disturbing the water box, a $300.00 fine will be added to your monthly rent statement.  

R15.5 The tenant shall never leave their water run as a method for keeping their hose/plumbing from freezing or for any reason.  

G15.6 Use a timer as a reminder while filling your freshwater tank to a 2/3 or 3/4 fill.  Do not get distracted and monitor your sensors. A $50.00 or more water waste fee will be charged for overflowing (dependent on how much is wasted).

R15.7 In October, all water boxes are inspected, winterized and sealed. Woodland RV Park, LLC does not want anyone other than management and/or maintenance to get into the water box. 



R17.0 SELLING RV/Park Model/Tiny House: You are required to let management know of the sale as there is a process and 'For Sale' signs are only permitted on the RV/Park Model/Tiny House itself and nowhere else on Woodland RV Park property.


R18.0 Visitors/Guests: Visitors/Guests are the responsibility of the tenant they are visiting.  Tenants are required to notify management of guest(s) vehicles parked on Woodland RV Park property and to provide make/model and license plate number of the vehicle.

R18.1  Visitors must follow all the rules of the RV park.  

R18.2  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone; illegal activity, violence, vandalism, vulgar, foul or threatening language will NOT be tolerated and are grounds for immediate eviction.  

R18.3  Visitors/guests must park in the provided parking in front of the flagpole.  

R18.4 Tenants must complete the 'guest registration' form prior for any guests spending the night.   The form must be received to management one (1) week prior to your guest(s) arrival.

R18.4.1 Visitor - An individual(s) that is visiting the tenant during the day but not overnight

R18.4.2 Guest - An individual(s) that is residing with the tenant for a short period of time not to exceed one (1) week or seven (7) nights maximum

R18.4.3 RV Sites - additional charges for guests or additional family member(s) that are 12 years and older (and family member(s) are originally on the reservation): $5.00/night per person 

R19.0 Woodland RV Park Property:  It is our goal to present a safe and beautiful setting for your enjoyment.  

R19.1 Tenants/Guests must treat our property with respect by not climbing on, leaning against or sitting on fences.  

R19.2 Enjoy the beauty of our flower beds but do not walk thru or lay anything on or in them and keep pets away.  

R19.3 Do not go down into the rocked ravines nor sit or climb on the rocked retaining walls.  

R19.4 Do not ride or drive a bike/vehicle on the dog trail.  

R19.5 Do not go into the restricted areas. 

G19.6  Access road: Share the road as this is a one-lane road. Be respectful of oncoming traffic. If you see someone on the road, back up and let them pass. Do NOT have 2 vehicles on the road at the same time going in opposite directions.


G20.0 Personal Injury/Personal Property Damage Disclaimer:  Woodland RV Park, LLC and Woodland Park Models, LLC are not responsible for personal injuries or damages to personal property.  

G21.1 The tenant assumes full responsibility for taking reasonable actions to insure and protect themselves from any and all personal injuries, losses and damages (including, but not limited to, plumbing and electrical systems) to all their personal property while in and/or on Woodland RV Park, LLC/Woodland Park Model properties.


R22.0 Immediately report any damage of Woodland RV Park property to management (719) 687-2009 

G23.0 Rent: RV Sites is anything with an RV (Class A, B, C, 5th wheel, bumper pull), park model or tiny house in the site.  

R23.1 RV Must be owner occupied.  Owner/Tenant may NOT sublet or add occupants above what was provided on their approved Reservation Request Form.

R23.2 Rent invoice is sent via SQUARE (unless noted otherwise)

R23.3 All Woodland RV Park Tenants monthly rent is due on the 1st of each month. Rent is due whether RV/Apartment/House/Cottage/Vacation Rental is occupied or not

G23.4 Current rates for RV Sites are $600.00/month plus metered electric (if you arrive or depart in the middle of the month, there is NO prorating for month-to-month renters) and $60/night (includes taxes and electric) and are subject to change. These rates are based on 1-2 people (ages 12 years and older), 1 vehicle and 1 RV.

R23.5 RV Sites: Nightly rent is due upon receipt of invoice otherwise reservation is cancelled.

R23.6 RV Sites: Tenants that are renting by the month are on a month-to-month basis unless otherwise agreed to in writing and approved by management.

R23.7 RV Sites: A deposit of $600.00 (due upon receipt) is required for securing the monthly site and is not considered your first or last month's rent.  

R23.8 If the tenant is in good standing and gives proper notice (30-days to vacate written notice), leaves the RV space clean and litter free with no damage, the deposit will be refunded minus electric, storage or any other fees.

R23.9 Notice of 30 days to move is required if you pay rent on a monthly basis. If you move without giving the proper notice, you will be billed at the daily rate and will forfeit the deposit. No refunds for early departure.

R23.9A Month-to-month tenants who provide a 30-day notice other than on the first day of their last month prior to departure, the rental rates will be based on the daily rates for the balance of their 30-day notice that flows over into the following month.

R23.10 RV Sites: A Late Fee of $10.00 per day for late payment will be due after the 3rd day of the month unless special provisions have been made.  

R23.10.1 The late fee reverts back to the first day of the month and continues until rent is paid in full.  

R23.10.2 If rent is 5 days late, legal action will begin with a 3-day NOTICE TO MOVE. All legal action including attorney fees will be financial responsibility of the tenant.  

R23.10.3 A RETURNED CHECK FEE of $45.00 is charged for each non-negotiable check presented. After which rent must be paid by cash, money order, credit card or cashier's check.

R24.0 Utilities: 

R24.1  All electric usage will be responsibility of the tenant and will be billed and payable under the same terms as RENT above (for monthly sites). 

G24.1.1 We recommend you get a surge protector due to potential electrical storms in the mountains - highly recommended

R24.2  Water Shut-off Valve is REQUIRED ON ALL RV's

G24.2.1 We recommend you get a water pressure regulator.

R24.3  Sewer connection MUST provide an airtight seal.

R24.4  RV's: heat tapes or heated hoses are required on all water hoses and in the water box.  

R24.4.1 Water cannot be left running to prevent freezing, as running water leads to frozen sewer lines. Water usage may be metered.

R24.5 If your unit is vacant for a long period of time, it should be winterized by a professional.

G24.6 All units should be skirted to reduce energy costs and help prevent freezing pipes 

R25.0 Trash: 

Household trash ONLY - no TV's, no appliances of any kind, no mattresses, no furniture of any kind, no blinds, no insulation, no skirting, no oil, gas products, no doors of any kind, no car batteries, etc. Dumpsters are for Woodland RV Park Residents only

R25.1 Put ALL garbage in garbage bags and tie securely

R25.2 Trash must NOT be allowed to accumulate around your site or in your vehicle anytime.  This will help prevent wild animals getting into the trash

G25.3 Two (2) dumpsters are provided for your convenience.

R25.4 If you find the trash dumpsters full, do not throw your garbage on top of the dumpsters nor on the ground by the dumpsters. Take your garbage back to your RV/residence and secure it until the trash dumpsters have been emptied (Mondays and Thursdays after 12PM) 

R25.5 If you are the last one to fill the dumpsters, notify management immediately and raise the orange flag which indicates the dumpster(s) is/are full.

R25.6  Do Not Overfill the dumpsters preventing the lids from completely closing

R25.7  Notify management immediately should you not be able to dispose of your garbage properly

R25.8  Break Down All Boxes (flat)


R26.0  Wildlife (of any kind): 

R26.1  Feeding wildlife IS AGAINST THE LAW 

R26.2  No bird feeders of any kind (including hummingbird feeders) 

R26.3  Do Not leave pet food outside 

R26.4  No harassing of any wildlife 

R27.0 Violating any rules and guideline MAY result in expulsion from the RV Park with NO REFUND

R27.1 If the police are called to resolve a dispute or disturbance, the 'at fault' tenant will immediately be removed with forfeiture of rent/deposit.

G28.0 Advise the management of any infractions or issues in writing via e-mail or drop a note in the black drop box to remain anonymous so that they may be addressed

G29.0 Woodland RV Park, LLC/Woodland Park Models, LLC is not responsible for injuries, loss or damage of any kind while staying in the park.


G31.0 CHECK-IN is STRICTLY between 1:00PM - 5:00PM ($25.00 for early check-in before 1:00PM)

G32.0 CHECK-OUT is 11:00AM FOR RV'S ($25.00 for check-outs after 11:00AM)

R33.0  Gasoline/Volatile Products - No storage of gasoline or other volatile chemicals may be stored on Woodland RV Park property whether in a vehicle or RV (other than the vehicle fuel tank), on a tenant’s site, under or near a tenant’s RV (travel trailer, 5th wheel, park model, tiny home, motorhome class ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘B+’, ‘C’) nor in or near any apartment, house, cottage or other structure within Woodland RV Park.

R34.0 NO Flying Drones Allowed

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