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Moab, UT

Sunsets of Moab RV Park

Moab, UT

Sunsets of Moab RV Park

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RV park located in Moab, UT. Best sunsets in town.

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About Sunsets of Moab RV Park

RV park located in Moab, UT. Best sunsets in town.

Where You'll Be


49 E Bobcat Ln, Moab, UT 84532


Things to do on or nearby the property

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • National Park Access
  • Walking Trails
  • Wildlife Watching
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Park Policy

Sunsets of Moab RV Park requires 8-days’ notice prior to your arrival date A $5.00 credit card processing fee will be retained if you cancel prior to 8-days of your stay. If you cancel your reservation within 8-days of arrival SOMRVP will retain 25% of your reservation total.

Rules & Regulations


Basic Rates are for (2) people with one pull vehicle or one tow behind unit. There are additional charges for extra people or extra vehicles.

If you are moving sites you must not leave the park until your new site is available and you have moved your RV. Check out time 11:00am. Wait until the site is vacant and then move.

Park in designated area for your site (which is to the front left-hand side).

Check-in 1:00pm, Check-out 11:00am. No late check outs permitted.

No refunds are given for early departures or adverse weather.


Secure your valuables The park is not responsible for loss or theft of any property.


Quiet time is from 10:00pm to 7:00am. No loud music, TV’s or parties will be tolerated

No wood fires in the park. Charcoal cookers and propane fire pits are allowed. Do not place on wood table unless protected from burning surface. Dispose of charcoal properly

No digging in gravel. No stakes are to be pounded in the gravel at any time as there are utility lines that run beneath each site, etc. You will be responsible for damages

No use of generators, clotheslines or tents on RV sites No sleeping in vehicles at any time

Vehicles must be in good running order. No (excessive fluid leaks, etc ) will be tolerated Maintenance on vehicles is allowed for minor repairs. You must clean up accordingly, or there will a $100 fine charged to your card.

Washing of off-road vehicles is permitted in designated area. This is non-treated water. You may bucket wash your windshield to remove bugs, etc.

Do not walk through or use other guest’s site for any reason This includes pets and children.

You must take your trash to the provided trash dumpster located at the west side along the exit of the park.

Behind the park is for walking only, no motorized vehicles aloud. If you break this rule you will be asked to leave the park.


Pets are not to be left unattended at any time.

Clean up after your pet. A fee of $50.00 will be charged to your account for any violations of this policy.

Pets will be on a leash 6ft or shorter in length and under control of an adult at all times.

Do not tie pets to any RV Park property (tables, trees, etc.)

Pet fences or kennels may not be set up.

Make sure pets have plenty of water as the heat can be intense.

Aggressive dogs will not be allowed in the park. You will be asked to leave the park if your dog shows any aggressive tendencies or complaints.

Sunsets of Moab RV Park is available for paying guests only. Guests using this facility do so at their own risk. Guests agree to hold Sunsets of Moab RV Park management and ownership harmless of any and all accidents, damage to RV’s, vehicles, injuries, property, and loss of any kind, even death.

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