Isle La Motte, VT

Sunset Rock RV Park

Isle La Motte, VT

Sunset Rock RV Park

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Sunset Rock RV Park has camp sites for tenters and RVers alike. We also have cabins! We offer fun and games for everyone. Whether you are here for some quiet time by the lake, fishing off the pier, or here for a family gathering, Sunset Rock can accommodate all of your needs! Open Dates: May 6 to September 25.

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Each cabin comes equipped with power, full-size bed, charcoal park grill, fire pit, picnic table, cooler and a water spigot on-site. The bath house is conveniently located near the cabins. No pets allowed, please bring your own bedding.

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RV Full Hook up 30/50 amp

Site Specific Amenities



RV Water/Electric Only 30/50 amp

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About Sunset Rock RV Park

Sunset Rock RV Park has camp sites for tenters and RVers alike. We also have cabins! We offer fun and games for everyone. Whether you are here for some quiet time by the lake, fishing off the pier, or here for a family gathering, Sunset Rock can accommodate all of your needs! Open Dates: May 6 to September 25.

Where You'll Be


755 Quarry Rd, Isle La Motte, VT 05463


Things to do on or nearby the property

  • Basketball
  • Beach Access
  • Biking
  • Boating
  • Canoeing / Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Golfing
  • Hiking
  • Horseshoe
  • Live Entertainment
  • Paddleboard
  • Swimming
  • Walking Trails
  • Watersports
  • Wildlife Watching
  • Wind Sports
  • Wine Tasting
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Park Policy

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Rules & Regulations

The property of Sunset Rock RV Park is privately owned. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Sunset Rock RV Park is not responsible for damage, injury or loss by accident, fire, or theft to the property of a person, camper or guest, by any cause. Each camper or guest is responsible for having their own insurance to cover any losses they may incur.


Sunset Rock RV Park welcomes guests! There is no charge for up to four guests or family members visiting seasonal campers for a day. A day visit will begin at 9am and continue up until 10pm. Any visitor arriving before 9am or staying after 10pm will be considered an overnight guest, thus subject to a $5 fee. Seasonal guests are welcome at a fee of $200 per person. All guests are required to register with the office upon arrival. Guests may not set up tents on a camper’s site. If overnight tenting is required, tent sites may be available upon request in the tenting area at the charge of $50 per night. Please register with the front office.

Your guests are your responsibility; you are required to inform your guests of all campground rules and regulations. You will be held liable for your guest’s actions. Please accompany any guests you have in the campground at all times.


Renting your unit to others is not permitted. With management permission, only one additional refrigerator up to 10 cubic feet per site is permitted. It must be registered with the office and will be inspected. It must be stored in an area that is out of sight of others. There are no freezers allowed. Sunset Rock is not responsible for any spoiled food. All campsites are expected to be clean, neat and mowed. All units must be self-contained and equipped with an RV toilet. No fences are permitted. There will be no digging of holes or trenches without permission from the office. Permanent free standing and bumper clotheslines are not permitted. No ropes in trees please. The office must first approve the construction of decks, screen rooms, outbuildings, skirting and the planting of trees and shrubs. Shed size shall not exceed 10’x10’. All improvements become fixtures of the property and may be removed by Sunset Rock RV Park at any time. Campers will be responsible for the cost of removal. You will not be permitted to sell your camper on-site. If your existing camper is over 15 years old, you will be expected to upgrade. New customers will NOT be allowed to purchase or bring in campers older than 15 years.


All sites will be allowed to park up to two primary vehicles. Guest vehicles may need to be parked at an alternative location. All guests will be expected to register with the office. Only customers with a state issued driver’s license are permitted to operate golf carts. Please provide proof of insurance. Cars must be used safely at all times. Management reserves the right to revoke this privilege if unsafe driving practices are demonstrated.


Visitors are not allowed to bring pets to the campground. All campground pets must be registered with the office. Immunizations must be current, and proof must be provided to management upon registration. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times, unless they are inside your unit. Pet owners may not leave pets unattended in their unit for an extended period of time. Pet excretions, anywhere in the campground, are to be removed by the owner. Owners of noisy pets will be asked to remove them from the campground.

Trash Removal:

The trash canisters are provided to all campers for the disposal of household waste only. All other trash such as tires, old grills, batteries, chairs, lamps, lawn mowers, etc. are to be removed from the campground by each camper. Violators may be asked to leave the campground permanently. All fish parts must be sealed in plastic bags upon disposal. Recycling is now a requirement. Please use the recycling canister.


Any adult or child that exhibits disorderly conduct may be asked to leave the campground permanently. Any adult or child who damages campground property may be asked to leave permanently. There will be no solicitation permitted, unless authorized by management. Generators can only be used with permission from management. Mechanical work or oil changes are not allowed in the campground. Any construction work shall cease by 5pm. Campers are responsible for their own personal mail and/or package deliveries. The campground is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please read the pool rules posted on the fence around the pool. Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult while in the pool area. Floatation devices (inflated tubes, lounge chairs, etc.) are not permitted in the pool. Glass products (bottled beverages etc.) are not allowed in the pool area.


Management shall have the full authority to enforce all of the above listed rules and regulations, and shall be allowed to make additions, changes and temporary decisions, deemed necessary. Management reserves the right to revoke camping privileges of anyone violating these rules. Any person who commits an act of violence upon another guest or camper will be removed from the premises. Any legal fees associated with collection of unpaid services, revoking camping privileges, removal of trespassers or former campers asked to leave the premises as a result of a violation of these rules, shall also be responsible for attorney’s fees and costs associated with any legal action taken to enforce these rules. Refunds will be at the discretion of management.

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