Georgetown, DE

Homestead Campground

Georgetown, DE

Homestead Campground

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Homestead Campground is located near all Delaware resorts, beaches and tax free shopping. Homestead offers full service pull through sites, tent camping and cozy cabins. Amenities include a community center, two swimming pools, a kids splash pad, corn hole, horseshoes, basketball court, shuffleboard, laundry facility, two bathhouses, game room, dog parks and much more.

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APACHE & BLACKFOOT CABINS (sleeps 4, 2 night minimum)

CHEROKEE, DELAWARE & ERIE CABINS (sleeps 8, 2 night minimum)

Site Specific Amenities



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Site Specific Amenities


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About Homestead Campground

Homestead Campground is located near all Delaware resorts, beaches and tax free shopping. Homestead offers full service pull through sites, tent camping and cozy cabins. Amenities include a community center, two swimming pools, a kids splash pad, corn hole, horseshoes, basketball court, shuffleboard, laundry facility, two bathhouses, game room, dog parks and much more.

Where You'll Be


25165 Prettyman Road, Georgetown, DE 19947


Things to do on or nearby the property

  • Basketball
  • Beach Access
  • Fishing
  • Horseshoe
  • Live Entertainment
  • Splash Pad
  • Swimming
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Park Policy

We require full payment at time of reservation, which is refundable prior to 15 days of your date of arrival. Within 15 days of your arrival, your payment shall become non-refundable.

Rules & Regulations

Any violations of any provisions of the Homestead Campground Rules and Regulations may be cause for immediate termination of your reservation which will exclude you from future reservations.




All tenants have the right to peaceful and quiet enjoyment of their site and community. No loud parties or game events will be allowed after 10:30PM, nor will excessive noise be tolerated. 11PM-8AM is designated quiet time for all. No loitering of any kind within the common areas of the campground shall be permissible after 11:00 PM. Failure to comply will result in termination of your reservation and exclude you from future reservations.

Our basic rule for personal and family conduct is BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR. If your language, music, outdoor activities, family members and guests, and pets in any way disturbs your neighbors, such behavior or activities is inappropriate, unacceptable, and in direct violation of our Community’s Rules and Regulations.

No playing of radios, televisions, stereos or musical instruments is permitted at any time at a volume level, which permits them to be heard on an adjoining site. We do not want your neighbor’s musical preferences to be forced upon you, and vice versa. Electronic or other devices, which interfere with the TV reception of other Tenants, will not be permitted.

Adult residents shall be responsible for the conduct of all members of their family, as well as that of their guests, and shall be liable for any damages caused to the property of others. Children are to respect the property of others, as well as their lot boundaries. Everyone is expected to conduct themselves in a dignified and neighborly manner. At no time are you permitted to cross your lot boundaries onto a neighboring lot without approval or permission of that lot tenant.

Unlawful activities of any kind, including but not limited to illegal drug use or sales, gambling, prostitution, under-age consumption of alcoholic beverages, receiving stolen goods, lewd and lascivious behavior, are specifically prohibited, and will result in immediate reservation termination.

No guns or explosives of any type or description may be used or discharged within the community. The use of fireworks/firecrackers, firearms, B-B guns, paint ball guns or air rifles, bow and arrow, slingshot, or other weapons or dangerous devices is prohibited anywhere within the campground.

Complaints relative to the conduct or behavior of any family in the community will be discussed privately with the family involved. In cases where complaints continue after the family has been properly notified, the reservation may be immediately and legally terminated.

Public drunkenness, drunk driving on the streets of the Campground including but not limited to golf carts, and illegal or immoral conduct are specifically prohibited and will be grounds for immediate lease termination and immediate removal of the camper.

No person or persons under the age of twenty-one (21) will be permitted to occupy in the campground unless accompanied by the adult legal Tenant of said lot.

The Landlord may terminate any reservation if the Tenant, or any person in the household of the Tenant, is found guilty of vandalism or of a violation of any of the criminal laws of the State of Delaware or the United States while residing at Homestead Campground. When the reservation is terminated under these circumstances, there shall be no rebate of rent. Upon termination, the guest will be given 1 hour to remove their camper and vacate the property. Upon vacating the property, the guest then understands that the guest will be considered trespassing on private property and the proper authorities will be contacted for their removal.

Children are expected to play in their own yards, or in common areas (playgrounds, etc.) during regular hours. Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) must return to their campsite by 11pm (quiet hour). If you are not on your lot by quiet hour and are witnessed out in common areas, you will be asked to return to your site immediately and a lease violation may be issued by our security team. Our basic rule of proper conduct is “Be a good neighbor”. This applies to all, children, and adults alike.

Drug use is against the law and is absolutely forbidden within the Campground. Any violation of this rule will result in the immediate termination of your reservation and eviction. If you observe or are aware of any such conduct, please advise the office. Your information and suspicions will be used without disclosing your identity.

General Curfew - Quiet hours from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM. No loitering of any kind within the common areas of the campground shall be permissible after 11:00 PM.


Main Community Pavilion – The main community pavilion located in front of the community center is open to all campers from 8:00 AM to 10:30 PM. All community parties must cease by 10:30 PM. All music must be played at a reasonable level and shall not infringe on the benefits of others who are not present at the pavilion. Homestead is a residential neighborhood and loud music that disrupts the peaceful enjoyment of others will not be tolerated. Tables shall be returned to the pavilion after each party and the pavilion area shall be returned to a clean state.

Community Pools – There are TWO pools at Homestead. Pool hours for both pools are 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Pool hours will be enforced. Campers shall be expected to leave the pool by 8:00 PM. NO ALCOHOL OR GLASS SHALL BE ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA. NO SMOKING SHALL BE PERMITTED AT EITHER POOL. NO EXCEPTIONS. Designated smoking areas are close by for your convenience. The pool located in Section F is an ADULT (21 years of age or older) pool ONLY. No children or infants shall be admitted to the adult pool area for any reason if the FAMILY pool is open and operational. An exception to this shall allow for children to be accompanied with an adult during severe heat or weather at MANAGEMENTS DISCRETION. ONLY golf carts are permitted to park at the adult pool. Any vehicle found parking at the adult pool will be subject to towing at guests’ expense.

Splash pad – The splash pad located in the F section is for children and dogs ONLY. No skateboards, scooters, or bicycles are allowed in this area.

Office Hours – The campground office shall be open 7 days a week during the season. Management shall have the right to adjust the posted office hours at any time.

Game Room – The game room will be open daily from 8am-8pm weather permitting. All occupants are expected to abide by the posted rules at all times. Anyone found in violation of the game room rules will be subject to lease violation and/or lease termination. Game room equipment is subject to sign out and must be returned to the office staff. YOU are responsible for any damage made by your family members and guests.

Laundry Facility – The laundry facility will be open during the season 24 hours a day. All washing machines and dryers are available on a first come first serve basis. Tenants should not overload machines at any time. We ask that you remove clothes from the washers and dryers promptly to allow others the ability to use them.

Bath and Shower Houses – The bathroom and shower house facilities will be open during the season 24 hours a day. Tenants should report any cleanliness or plumbing issues to the office directly.

Dog “Bark Parks” – Homestead Campground has 2 dog parks available for our guests. A small breed dog park for all dogs 25 pounds and below is accessible at the entrance of the D section of the campground. A large breed dog park for all dogs 26 pounds and above is accessible thru the end of the D section of the campground. All guests are asked to kindly clean up after their pets using the bags and trash receptacles provided at each park. Please report any holes or damage to the office as soon as possible.


Guest will be held responsible for the conduct of their guests, children, and grandchildren and for any and all property damage or personal injury caused by them.

Curfew – Children under the age of (18) years of age must not be out in the community of Homestead after 11:00 pm.


These Pet Rules are designed for the overall good of all residents of this community, pet owners, as well as those who do not choose to have a pet. Only house pets are permitted in the community, house pets are herein defined as dogs that always remain inside the house except when being walked on a leash. Management must approve ANY inherently dangerous or aggressive dogs.

All pets must be kept on a leash when outside the home and must never be allowed to run at large other than within the designated dog park areas.

Cats are not permitted.

Under no circumstances may a pet be tied outside overnight or at any time without supervision.

Noisy and unruly pets or those that cause complaints will not be allowed to remain in the community, this specifically includes yappy, barking dogs and aggressive dogs.

Pets may not be curbed on other Resident’s yards. When pets are walked through the Community, owners are responsible for removing and properly disposing of any animal excrement left by their pets.

Animal excrement shall not be allowed to accumulate in any yard at any time. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up their yards after their pets on a daily basis.

ALL pets must be properly vaccinated, and proof of vaccination should be readily available upon request from our office.

In summary, your pet must be a good neighbor, just as you are expected to be. Bad neighbors, people as well as pets, are not welcome in Homestead Campground.


Our community speed limit for vehicles is 5 mph. This limit is established for the safety of all residents and their children. Each resident and their guests must observe strict compliance with the speed limit. Do not blow your horn unnecessarily. All intersections should be considered to be YIELD corners unless marked with a stop sign. Pedestrians and bicycle riders have the right of way. Always be alert for children; they also have the right of way.

Any temporary requirement for an additional parking space(s), as for guests, should be handled by the resident moving his/her car(s) to a neighbor’s unused parking space after obtaining specific permission from that neighbor for using their space for the time you need it. Please ask permission each time you need additional space. DO NOT assume that you have the right to use nearby unused spaces, for even the briefest time without the express consent of that neighbor.

Mini-bikes, dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, or other excessively noisy vehicles are prohibited in Homestead, whether owned by a resident or a visitor.

No vehicles or trailers (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF A GOLF CART) are permitted on any of the lawn areas including the buffer areas of common areas of the community at any time or for any reason.

You are permitted to park in YOUR designated RV parking spot.

All bicycles and scooters must have an operating headlight and rear taillight or reflector if they are to be ridden after dark in Homestead. Reflective clothing is also suggested. Bicycles are NOT to be raced in the campground. DELAWARE STATE HELMET LAW – Delaware law requires helmet use for children 16 years’ old and younger riding bicycles and motorcycles. Homestead strictly enforces this law.


Maximum allowable speed limit for golf carts shall be 5 MPH. Speeders and reckless operators may have their golf cart registration and cart-driving privileges within Homestead revoked and lease violations will be issued. For the safety of our guests as well as the children that reside in the campground, two (2) speeding violations will result in immediate lease termination.

Anyone operating a golf cart must have a valid state driver’s license and must be able to produce a copy upon management’s request to do so.

Operating a golf cart while drinking and/or intoxicated is dangerous and may result in immediate revocation of golf cart operating privileges within Homestead as well as immediate lease termination.

The over-loading of a golf cart with too many passengers is dangerous, as is standing on the back of the cart and neither will be permitted. The seating arrangements of each cart will determine the maximum number of passengers allowed. Anyone observed with an overloaded golf cart, shall be subject to lease violation.

Any golf cart driven after sunset or before sunrise must have headlights on and tail reflectors in proper working order. Flashlights are NOT acceptable illumination.

Golf cart operators shall follow the same rules of the road as an automobile driver, e.g., drive on the right side of the street, stop at stop signs, yield to traffic to the right at intersections, signal at turns, etc. Failure to follow these rules and guidelines may result in the revocation of golf cart privileges.

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