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Homosassa, FL

Camp N Water Campground

Homosassa, FL

Camp N Water Campground

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Camp N Water is hidden away on a tree shaded bank of the Homosassa River, its a quaint RV Campground for those who prefer the relaxed and congenial atmosphere of a natural setting.

This fully equipped campground is a short drive from major and local attractions in Citrus County, Florida.

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30/50 Amp RV Site

ADA accessible sites available.

Site Specific Amenities



30/50 Amp Motorhome Site

Site Specific Amenities



Log Cabin - Queen Bed, Bunk Beds, & Futon

Pet-friendly cabin. ADA accessible.

Site Specific Amenities



Cabin - Queen Bed & Futon

Pet-friendly cabin. ADA accessible units available.

Site Specific Amenities



Cabin - Queen Bed, Bunk Beds, & Futon

This cabin is pet-friendly and ADA accessible.

Site Specific Amenities



30/50 Amp Pull-Through RV Site

Site Specific Amenities


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About Camp N Water Campground

Camp N Water is hidden away on a tree shaded bank of the Homosassa River, its a quaint RV Campground for those who prefer the relaxed and congenial atmosphere of a natural setting.

This fully equipped campground is a short drive from major and local attractions in Citrus County, Florida.

Where You'll Be


11465 W Priest Lane, Homosassa, FL 34448


Things to do on or nearby the property

  • Boating
  • Canoeing / Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Golfing
  • Horseshoe
  • Paddleboard
  • Swimming
  • Wildlife Watching
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Park Policy

Cancellation of any stay will forfeit your deposit. A reservation may be rescheduled for up to one year and full deposit applied. If a reservation is 3 months or longer, a refund can be requested. This refund is subject to a twenty-five percent (25%) processing fee. Rates are subject to change.

Rules & Regulations

There are “Children and Old Folks” at play!

Speed limit in park is 5 MPH.

Please observe “Quiet time” 11:00 PM-7:00 AM.

All members and renters are required to make reservations prior to arrival at the campground. A reservation does not guarantee a boat slip.

Site, cabin & boat check in begins at 1:00 PM. Check out is by 11:00 AM. No late check outs are permitted. If guests occupy the site or cabin past check-out time of 11:00 AM, a late assessment fee will be applied as follows: Cabin: $150.00 Site: $60.00 (revised 10-24-2020)

Self-contained fire pits are allowed on site (coals are to be dumped in the fire ring in the marine area by the docks). Grills available and for use only behind the office/dining hall building. (Revised 10-26-18)

One camping unit only per site. Vehicles must be parked only on assigned site, excess vehicles must be parked in areas designated by the office staff.

Each rental campsite is permitted one picnic table. (Purchased by the park---members must purchase their own picnic table). Sites extend from electric meter to electric meter.

Pets must be kept on a 6’-8’ leash. All pet droppings must be picked up and placed in the dumpster or containers provided. Pets are not permitted in the bathrooms, laundry room, lounge area, dining room or the pool area. (Revised March 2017) Pets are allowed in cabins at an additional fee. (2020)

Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, scooters, hover boards, and toys with wheels (electric or non-electric) are not permitted around the recreational areas, docks, or buildings.

Anyone that drives any motorized vehicle (golf cart, ATV, UTV, Side-by-Side, etc.) must have a driver’s license and abide by the 5-mph speed limit. (Revised 6/25/2021)

All garbage and trash must be placed in the dumpster behind the office. Please do not throw litter on the ground.

Children under 13 of age are not permitted in the pool or TV Adult Lounge unless accompanied by an adult. Parents must assume financial responsibility for any damage or injury caused by their children. (Revised 10-26-18)

Swimming or wading from any Camp ‘N’ Water dock, fish station or boat ramp is strictly prohibited.

Stakes are not recommended however as they could potentially damage underground utilities. Members and guests will be held liable for all professional repairs. Outside clotheslines are prohibited. (Revised 10-26-18)

Washers and dryers external to the RV are not permitted. Standard size refrigerators or freezers must be contained within the recreational vehicle. Only efficiency size refrigerators or freezers may be kept on the concrete patio or adjacent to the RV.

Plants must be in containers and not planted in the ground. (Revised 10-26-18)

Unless prior approval is obtained by the Board of Directors, no digging, modification or addition to any site feature, utilities, or construction of any type is allowed anyplace in the park.

Carports installed on sites must be approved by the board and no solid sides are allowed. Anything may be parked under this area. (Revised 10-26-18)

When members leave the park for more than 30 days or named storms, everything must be secured of all loose items – see Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for details.

No business other than Camp ‘N’ Water business can be conducted on campground properties.

No political signs or banners are permitted that are visible from park roads.

Members must contact the office manager before bringing a new RV unit into the park (to assure compliance to existing rules). All RV’s must comply with FEMA regulations and county standards in that they must be fully licensed and ready for highway use, (is on wheels or jacking system), is attached only to the site by a quick disconnect system to utilities and has no permanently attached additions.

All outside workers must be licensed and insured to conduct their services in the park.

Storage/Deck Boxes must be made of a Rubbermaid or polymer type material and may be no larger than 4’ high, 4’ wide, and 8’ long and must be placed on the concrete slab or against the trailer. A Storage cabinet 6’ or 8’ tall (nothing larger than 3’ deep and 5’ wide) may be positioned against a camper. Storage sheds approved by the board are allowed on the perimeter of the park (sites 1-26). Only one storage shed allowed per campsite. (Revised 7-20-19)

Only immediate family members 18 and over can be named on any membership (Immediate family members shall mean a couple, married or sharing a domicile, child, or stepchild of member). A $200.00 fee will be assessed as a transfer fee for each change (addition or deletion) to an existing membership. (Revised October 2021)

Guests/Members must have rented a campsite to rent a boat slip - Only ONE BOAT per guest reservation. (Revised 10-26-18)

One membership, regardless of number of members on the membership, may have two boats in the campground at one time but may only have one boat slip at a time. (Revised June 2021)

A member may phone in, the day of arrival in the park, to reserve a boat slip. A boat slip can be reserved only if the member is physically in the park – if the member leaves the park overnight, they will forfeit the slip and a new reservation must be made upon return. The camp office staff are responsible for monitoring the boat slips. (Revised-March 2018)

a. Violators of marina rules are subject to:

i. FIRST OFFENSE: Marina privileges will be suspended for 30 days

ii. ANY ADDITIONAL OFFENSE: Marina privileges 6 MONTH suspension. (revised10-24-2020)

Members can have a maximum of two trailers in the park. Only one can be in boat parking, and one, or both, can be on the member’s site. (Revised June 2021)

a. All trailers in the park must have a tag attached issued by the office. Any trailer without a tag in the park (site or parking area) will be subject to a $100.00 fine.

b. Good Neighbor Expectations for the boat parking area – Cones can mark the spot, if the member or guest is launching or pulling out. If there are long delays, or days pass, and a visitor takes the spot, report all concerns directly to the office staff.

When members are away from the park for 30 or more days, boat/trailers must be removed from the boat storage area or parked on members’ site.

Members and guests may have two jet skis on one trailer with one launch fee and, if they fit in one slip, one boat slip for two skis.

Renters are allowed one boat in the park per reservation to include boat ramp launch or use of any marina facility (if available). This means, at any one point in time, a renter can only have one boat maximum in the park, regardless of if they have guests staying with them or not.


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